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Search Australia Search Engines for Aussie SEO Experts

by Sean Drayton

Figuring out SEO can be hard for a newbie. It takes patience and knowledge to get results. Our Aussie SEO experts have some very useful tips that will help you increase your rankings…

Be patient for results because changes do not happen overnight. Irrespective of whether you are targeting Australia search engines, or other regional search engines, it may take many weeks and months if your website is new.

Keyword density is an important component in SEO but shouldn’t exceed 20% of the total page. Focus on keywords you need for titles. Highlight these keywords in order to build your site’s rankings up.

When internally linking on your site, anchor your text correctly. “Click here” is a poor anchor text as it doesn’t contribute to your search rank. Crawling spiders will notice you if you use the correct keywords for anchor text. Because search engines pay attention to alt tags, optimise images in the site by including descriptive ‘alt’ tags in each image link. Replace images with these tags if the visitor wants to disable image displays.

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Request that reputable organisations link to your site as this gives a search engine more reason to view your site as valuable and relevant. As an example at Top SEO Pages we are actively running linking outreach campaigns with other big city SEO Melbourne, SEO Brisbane, SEO Sydney based organisations. Use off-site links that connect to high quality content to increase reputability of your site. Relevant links to other websites are more valuable than the links that interlink your website. Always look for link exchange opportunities.

Create a blog on your website and use it to interact with other bloggers. Blogs easily rank in search results as long as they feature new and quality content.

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Avoid using Flash as it is not usable on some devices and search engine robots can’t read it at all.

Continually work on updating content and striving to make it better. Visitors will stay on your site if it has what they want and need. Try to include a transcript for any visual or audio content as they will help search engines better place your website in relevant searches. To avoid spam filters, do not use duplicated content on your site.

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Your site’s URL should contain relevant keywords that people will search for. Avoid symbols or numbers most people do not search for.

To be successful in Internet marketing, you should be aware of the many facets of SEO that you need to learn. Avoid trying to include all of them at once as it is impossible to become the best at every technique, so be sure to focus on one that will yield the best results for your business.

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