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Australia SEO Experts: Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update Coming in May

by Sean Drayton

The purpose of this blog post is to help create an awareness within our Australian online business community and with our fellow Australia SEO Experts that we have an eminent Google Algorithm Update coming in May 2016. 

Google recently revealed on the Google Webmasters blog site that they are going to be boosting the impacts of the mobile-friendly website algorithm update that they released back on the 21st of April 2015. At Top SEO Pages we had previously brought this “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update to our visitors attention through one of our Blog posts, which you may want to review to gain some background knowledge on Googles Mobility updates.

Google stated that the new revised update will take place towards the beginning of May 2016, and it will increase the impact of the mobile-friendly search engine ranking signal. Google also stated that if your website is currently mobile-friendly, then you do not need to worry, as they had announced it: “you will not be impacted by this update.”

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From the information we have received, the mobile-friendly algorithm is read as a page-by-page signal, so it will take a bit of time for Google to evaluate and examine each page. For this reason we may expect to see this roll-out being a gradual one over a couple of weeks. This will also depend on how quickly Google’s Bots crawl and index all the pages on your website, the impact could therefore be sluggish to start off with and then ramp up as the Google Bot crawl process progresses.

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As previously stated, when the update occurs it will present as a progressive release, so it sounds like the same kind of slow Panda 4.2 roll-out that was previously released by Google. 

If you have a website that is not currently mobile-friendly, or if you wish to make 100% certain that your website is mobile-friendly then we would highly recommend you use the Google mobile-friendly tool and check your websites mobility status.

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