Google HTTPS Impacts on Local Search Engine Marketing Perth Rankings
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Google HTTPS Impacts on Local Search Engine Marketing Perth Rankings

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by Sean Drayton

Greetings All,

Will be keeping the content part of this post as the majority of the informative content resides within the attached video.

The main purpose of this post and video is to bring to your attention that Google is releasing. Another Google Algorithm update in October 2017 will be focusing on importance to websites having https protocol enabled on their website. The update will be more so targeted to Chrome browsers which fulfil the majority of all browsers on the internet.

Users who used Chrome and come across a web form will receive a notification that the website is not secure. Naturally, this notification will put visitors off using your website and will be unlikely to return. It is therefore in your best interests to upgrade to https to not only provide a better user experience. But to also secure your current rankings as https continues to to become a more prevelant ranking metric over time.

If you wish to read more on the subject, head on over to trusted 'Search Engine Land' link provided below:

Ok, now that we have laid out the background of whats happening. What do you need to do to help secure those Search Engine Marketing Perth rankings that you already have. My recommendation is to contact your registrar / hosting provider and work with them to upgrade your website to https. Following the upgrade you will need to take a number of steps to maintain your existing rankings. As this upgrade does run the risk of losing all of your rankings if not managed correctly. Feel free to watch the above video as I briefly touch on what needs to be completed from an SEO perspective. Once the https upgrade has been finalised.

In the video you may recall me stating that if you comment on this post or on our Youtube channel with questions. One of our Search Engine Optimisation Australia experts will be happy to advise or assist recommending a safe upgrade path.

OK, lastly on a closing note, if you do not wish to risk losing your existing rankings and wish for Top SEO Pages to manage that risk and ensure your rankings are retained. Then either reach out to us through our SEO Company Perth Contact Us page, or if you are an existing client of ours simply process one of the below paypal payment options that is relevant to your circumstances:

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HTTPS Upgrade with SEO Rankings Management


If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below or reach out to us on anyone of our contact details within our website.

All the best,


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