Google Search Algorithm Update 2020


Customers and SEO agencies would have seen big changes in their website rankings and website traffic. This is attributed to a major Google Algorithm update released in August / September 2020. This update has shaken up website rankings leaving clients and SEO experts alike feeling a little perplexed. But let’s first answer the question, what is SEO?


What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimasation is the series of technical developments or improvements and content optimization to a website in order to rank the website higher in search results in search engines like Google or Bing. Often basic SEO changes can be made by the novice, but to have a major impact on the website rankings and ultimately, the search traffic to your website, SEO specialists like TOP SEO Pages is the way to go. SEO specialists have a keen understanding of the technical aspects as well as how to best improve your website content to gain rankings and ultimately drive quality traffic to your website.


What does Google’s Search Algorithms look for?

Google periodically release minor updates to their algorithm used to rank websites, and less often, major updates. The last update to shake the website rankings was Panda back in February, 2011. Google has always prioritised websites that offer search users the most relevant, and most user-friendly websites. Performance has always been a key factor in ranking websites but now more than ever, it is affecting website page ranks. SEO agencies like TOP SEO Pages takes website performance seriously and is on the priority list for all our clients. The goal is to have a page completely rendered and ready to use in under 4 seconds. It doesn’t sound like a long time, but imagine waiting for that all important plumbers website to load while your taps are spraying water everywhere, 4 seconds can be a lifetime.

Content has always been a priority for SEO on websites and will forever remain the priority. TOP SEO Pages have a team of experts that understand copywriting and then have the skills needed to write poetic content that is relevant to your business and ultimately the search results of potential clients/customers. Understanding that the days of “keywords” are gone and that well-written content throughout the website is the way forward, we are able to improve your website across the board.


Website Design and Development and SEO

Website and design is a service offered by TOP SEO Pages, however, there is a deep technical understanding that is needed when working on your SEO campaigns to improve rankings. The design needs to both offer a user-friendly experience with great content, but it also needs to be mindful of performance. Websites that call for heavy JavaScript or large images or videos can hinder the performance of the website and ultimately the rankings. Our designers and developers work hand-in-hand to get the best performance possible out of your website. Then matched with the copywriting services we offer, it is a recipe for success.


Google Search Algorithm Update in Summary

There is no way to cheat your way to better rankings. Rankings take hard work, a high level of expertise, superb website performance and great content. The Google Search Algorithm has forced websites to up their game or lose their rankings. But there is no need for concern, Top SEO Pages is here to help and increase those all-important rankings.

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