SEO Trends for 2017


The importance of SEO for your business can mean the difference between success and failure and determining the trends for the upcoming year is the best way to get a jump on the competition and continue climbing the Google rankings for search results.

In 2016, Google updated their search engine algorithm over 500 times. Granted, only about a dozen of these updates were major ones, but the facts are that SEO is constantly changing and what worked last year or last month might have little or no impact next week. There are trends, however, that have had lasting impact and which Google has little interest in changing.

Keyword importance

Keywords generate interest in your website and Google uses that to gauge how well your website can answer search queries. This makes the choice and placement of keywords very important to the long-term success of your website.

The best way to use keywords is to research the relative importance of them prior to creating content for your website. Although it stands to reason that if you have a website and business about (for example) plastic surgery, then using plastic surgery as a keyword would be ideal. Unfortunately, since people can do strange things, the strongest keywords or phrases might be different.

Researching keywords should be done, ideally, prior to building a website or, at least, before writing articles and content to generate search hits. Google makes a very good Keyword Planner that will help determine the best keywords to generate a better ranking. The planner is free and can be an invaluable resource for your website.

Website optimization

Just knowing the correct keywords isn’t enough. The Google algorithm has gotten sophisticated enough to know when keywords are just scattered through an article or website without any support. From an investigation done by SEO company Sydney, keyword stuffing is out – way out – and knowing when and where to use keywords to get the most impact will guarantee long-term success using Google or other search engines.

The sophistication of Google’s algorithm has also created different ways to use keywords. Whether as links in articles, backlinks from other sites, meta-tags in titles or other options; keyword optimization is creating an entirely new field of web design.

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Quality content

Although it should go without saying, quality content is the most important part of your SEO success. Without content that links to other, authoritative content and has backlinks from other sources, you will struggle to move up the SEO rankings. Simply put, content is king and website designers and administrators who are unable or unwilling to update and create content will hold websites back.

To be successful, consider outsourcing some content to get fresh views and writing styles. No matter how good a writer is, at some point they will repeat content or ideas that Google’s search bots will consider repetitive. Avoid that by bringing in outside writers to take a fresh look at your content and give a unique spin on what you are trying to say.

Promoting content on social media

Although there are no direct links between SEO and social media marketing, ignoring social media can be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Social media marketing can generate positive reviews and increased visibility for your products or services. Reinforcing your brand and establishing authoritative content can have a secondary effect of building interest in your website leading to more visits.

More visits have a direct link to your SEO ranking. Don’t ignore social media because it doesn’t directly impact your website. Use both it and content to increase the prominence of your brand name.

The changes that Google made to its algorithm in 2016 where evolutionary changes not revolutionary ones. There is no reason to believe that they will change the way that SEO works radically during 2017. If your company was successful building their SEO ranking in the past year then continuing on the same path will continue to earn dividends.

If you are new to websites or SEO, learning how successful companies have built their SEO talents over the last few years will give you a great deal of insight into what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind though that the algorithm is constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. Staying on top of those changes and creating more sophisticated content while maintaining a quality website with appropriate keyword usage is just a solid basis to build your website on.

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