Bulk SMS Marketing

The only tool or add-on that offer business growth!

It can provide 95% Open Rates, 90% Click and it’s Fully Automated.

Promote almost everything from business start up, events, campaigns. product, services and even links to your paid online advertisements with our SMS Marketing Services. Get a 3 minutes response to all SMS send and enjoy these ULTIMATE benefits

Boost your sales and expand your customer list 10x folds!SMS advertising is a somewhat hidden gem amongst the advertising global. It sounds fancy, possibly even mysterious.


  • Increase Response Rate Than Emails

It’s a known fact that Short Message Service is opened up to 98% of the time when recipients received the message. There are times when emails can be lost in a spam folder especially if you are not in the contact list.

  • Let SMS be someone to sell for you

It’s fully automated, so no need for you to keep on-eye to all your marketing campaigns of your business.

  • Mobile Friendly

To be successful in business nowadays, you have to reach potential clients, audience, or customers. And SMS Marketing is a perfect tool to expand your presence!

  • Can keep in contact with various demographic

It is a known fact that all kinds of people of different ages and profession have cellphones. This fact alone gives you the advantage to reach a wide demographic. In short SMS Marketing reaches everyone.

  • Works With Other Types of Marketing

You can be as creative as you can with SMS Marketing since you can use it alongside all of the other ways you are marketing your business.

  • It’s Cheap yet very Effective

To send bulk SMS message is cheaper than doing a series of ads online. If you’re looking for cost-effective advertising then SMS Marketing is a value-added partner to your business.

  • Absolutely Set and Forget Operation

Some automation system needs monitor and lot of tinkering to perfect the process, but for this application, you just set it up once and your good to go!

  • Real-time Response

With this application to can read and reply in real-time to messages even without your phone

  • Import Contacts Easily

It has the capability to load contacts from a CSV File – which means all your contacts you have in your smartphone, desktops, and emails can be integrated conveniently to the application and start sending them your campaigns.

  • Quick Delivery

At first, it may require some time to prepare SMS advertising. But after these preps, it can deliver all your campaigns at lightning speed!