Top Perth SEO Companies Give Helpful SERP Tips
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Top Perth SEO Companies Give Helpful SERP Tips

by Sean Drayton

As one of the top Perth SEO companies we felt that it is the right thing to do to give back to our community by providing free helpful SERP tips. We will continue to share this information for free, as well as offer very affordable SEO packages should extra help be required.

SEO can be useful for monetising a blog and improving its ranking. Read on to find out what SEO can do for you, or your SEO agency.

When choosing keywords, think like one of your own customers and find out what they’re likely to search for. For the best results, blend your keywords into the article without breaking the article’s natural flow. Plural forms of keywords generate more hits.

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Establish yourself as an expert in a relevant field, so make sure your articles are highly targeted to your particular niche market (e.g.: for us at Top SEO Pages that would be SEO services Perth and Australia wide)

Avoid cramming all your services or products into just one post. Focus on a single page and a single product or service will keep your readers interested and result in a more positive outcome.

Use free social marketing sites (e.g.: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter) to target specific interest groups when doing promotions and working towards boosting your rankings.

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Incorporate keywords and phrases into HTML tags. Search engines place more value on title tags than other areas.

Use the right anchor text on your interlinks as they are helpful with SEO. SEO specialists can help you find the best anchor.

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Optimise your layout to improve the quality of your site and rank higher on the major search engines.

Use free tools that can analyse the information being sent when a page loads to avoid error messages.

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Before using  an SEO company, consider their SEO pricing, experience, recommended techniques and estimated time for visible results.

There is a lot to learn with SEO but it is sure well worth the effort. Use these tips to get ahead of the competition.

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