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Contact Top SEO Pages for awesome mobile and desktop ranking on high speed mobile responsive websites  Is your website performing poorly?

Mobile Friendly website on devices  Is your website not mobile friendly?

SEO Impact for Non-Mobile Friendly or Non-Responsive Websites

  Fewer page views

Decrease in customer satisfaction

Loss in conversions

Deteriorating user experience

Increase in bounce rate

Fall in search engine ranking

Loss of traffic

Impact on ROI

Note: Google Updates Have Carried The Potential Of Impacting Your Websites Rankings. To Find Out More, Feel Free To Contact Us.

Top SEO Pages can help you improve website speed, performance & ranking.

Keeping your website fast is important because your users expect it to load quickly. If it doesn’t, you could lose a lot of traffic. A typical user expects web pages to load in less than 3 seconds. If you don’t meet this expectation , you lose a lot of website traffic and as a result your revenue.

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     Creating fully optimised, hi-performance, mobile-first & friendly  websites

    If your website is slow, don’t worry. Top SEO Pages can help you improve it, so you don’t lose a single visitor. Your website will be built faster and more efficiently while retaining as much optimisation as possible. Continue reading below to discover more…


    High Speed Websites

    Top SEO Pages uses a framework that has been optimised separately and then carefully designed to work together to produce a web page with the highest possible performance, resulting in faster sites and better rankings.

    • Optimize CSS Code and Delivery
    • Modular Construction
    • Minification – JavaScript, CSS, HTML
    • Minimal Plugins
    • Optimize Databases
    • Adaptive Website
    • Optimised Images
    • Solid Foundation

    Mobile First Websites

    With Google switching to mobile-first indexing, Top SEO Pages ensures your website is built specifically to adhere to mobile-first guidelines. If you want your website to rank well, it must be designed mobile-first.

    • Bootstrap 5
    • Fully Fluid & Responsive
    • Custom HTML & CSS Options
    • Pre-Optimized Breakpoints
    • Expands/Shrinks to Each Device
    • Unlimited Creativity
    • Unlimited Grid Layout
    • Scales Across ALL Devices

    Mobile Responsive Websites

    Ensuring your website is optimised to be functional and aesthetically pleasing on devices of different sizes. The elements on the page are flexible. Also, unnecessary images and elements are hidden to provide a better browsing experience.

    • High Speed Website
    • Mobile-Friendly Content
    • Smooth Navigation
    • No pop-ups
    • Faster performance
    • Minimal JavaScript
    • Optimum Optimization

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      The following features are included:

      Image 1

      Easy Navigation

      Easy Navigation

      Image 2

      Customised Animation

      Using Animate.css and Waypoints.js animations for scrolling down the site.

      Image 3

      Internal Links

      Getting users to stay on your page longer, which increases the odds they’ll become a customer

      Image 4

      Call To Action

      Displayed prominently regardless of the screen or browser size

      Image 5

      Mobile Responsive

      Options to make your website work on any device

      Image 6

      Content Slider

      Using in-house developed fully optimised slider

      Check Out These Incredible Performance Results!

      GTmetrix Report

      Before: GTmetrix Report

      Before GT Metrix High Speed Mobile Responsive Websites

      GTmetrix Report

      After GT Metrix High Speed Mobile Responsive Websites

      Google PageSpeed Insights Report

      Before Desktop Score:

      Desktop before result on High Speed Mobile Responsive Websites


      Before Mobile Score

      Mobile before result on High Speed Mobile Responsive Websites

      After Desktop Score:


      After Mobile Score

      Mobile after result on High Speed Mobile Responsive Websites

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        Mobile-first is NOT the same as mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly is to make a website friendly for people visiting on mobile devices. Now, mobile-first is taking mobile-friendly to the next level. You actually think about mobile users first as the primary consumers of your website.

        The best way to design with everyone in mind is to use responsive web design with a mobile-first mindset. With responsive web design, you can ensure your website looks amazing no matter what device it's being viewed on.
        A smartly designed mobile-friendly website could dramatically boost organic traffic. In the past, Googlebot primarily used a website's desktop version to determine a page's relevance to a search query, but this has since shifted to mobile variants.
        If a website serves different desktop and mobile versions, there are things that need to be considered. If you are still one of the few businesses that don't have a mobile-friendly website, you can expect to see a negative impact on your search rankings across both mobile and desktop searches.

        It is generally best practice to update and rebuild your website every few years, to ensure you keep everything up-to-date with regards to coding, user experience, business relevance and, of course, better ranking.
        There are two ways to tackle mobile-first strategy: you can either learn HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc. to manually build your new site(s) from scratch or you can invest in an efficient framework that does all the heavy lifting for you!

        Quick, Performs Extremely Well & Boosts Keyword Rankings

        When we switch a website to mobile-first indexing, the googlebot's crawl will detects how well designed a website are for mobile and will push the keyword rankings up.

        • Ongoing Software Updates
        • Drag and Drop Template Builder
        • Fully Commercial Licensed
        • Tools & Servers for ongoing optimization
        • Premium One-to-One Personal Support

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