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Google Ads (PPC Ads) Services

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be a key strategic approach for businesses. The inclusion of Google AdWords Services also has an important part to play for a business to obtain a quicker ROI.
  • This strategy will primarily focus on Google Ads services. Although at this stage, your business should have already received our strategic SEO proposal.
  • Please review the details of the below strategy and you can contact us to further discuss details about it. When ready, please call us at 1800 SEO 888.

Google Ads Benefits

Reasonable Pricing

Personalised Attention

Professional Approach

We Are Accurate And Up-To-Date

Research and Strategy Deliverables

Research And Strategy Deliverables

Profitable keywords are a result of thorough research. We dive deeper into understanding your competition and ideal customers and build a sound SEO and PPC Strategy!

  • Initial Consulting:Depending on your geographical location we will either meet with you in person, or contact you by email, phone, skype to further discuss your website and your businesses requirements. We will further discuss your industry and request information from you and any other information relevant to your niche business. We will also discuss any industry-specific keyword phrases you can think of. After this initial discussion, we will use the information along with our various computer programs and tools to determine which phrases/keywords have the best possible ROI for your business.
  • Competition Analysis: This closely ties into the previous section around Keyword Analysis, so essentially the two-work hand in hand. Once we have a full understanding of your competitors, the identified keywords to target then we are well positioned to move onto the next set of investigations into understanding who your target audience is. While we feel it is very important knowing your competition and what they are doing (keywords, ad’s, impressions, type and volume of clicks), we feel it’s far more important to spend the majority of our research and time focusing on customer demographics and keyword analysis.
  • Customer Demographics We can proudly brag and boast about the fact that we do have the absolute best industry tools to completely Know Your Customer (KYC). With our tools and experience we will be able target your ideal customer, so that we reach them with the right PPC advertising and turn them into a sale.

Keyword Analysis Deliverables

Keyword Analysis Deliverables

We don’t just provide a list of keywords, off the back of our thorough research we dive deeper into understanding your niche business and ensuring we target profitable keywords!

  • Specific Pay Per Click Keywords: Following the initial SEO keyword analysis, we will then provide several groups of keywords that can be combined to make excellent phrases that can be bid on in Pay Per Click marketing such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing.
  • Target phrase: First of all, we determine what we know should be your target phrase for your entire site if a suitable one is not already in place. With this phrase will create a snippet of text we feel should be used as one of your primary online referenced text for your SEO and AdWords.
  • More phrases for other pages: Consquently, we provide a list of 3-10 additional phrases (depending on the size of your site) that can be targeted for other pages of your site.
  • More long tail keywords: Next, we provide a list of 20-50 extra phrases that could be used generously throughout your site. This works perfectly for your Keywords Meta tags.

Intelligent AdWords Campaign Structure

Intelligent AdWords Campaign Structure

We methodically structure what will become a good quality score campaign structure that will help to increase conversions and decrease AdWords expenditure.

  • 1. Creating a PPC Campaign Structure: We use a very well structured campaign template to guide and track our AdWords campaigns, because without a well-documented and well-tracked campaign structure all of the research and strategies are wasted. Once the campaign structure is completed you will be provided with a copy, so that together we are better positioned to maximise the return on your PPC investment.
  • 2. Intelligent Campaign Structures Overview: It’s wise to create multiple campaigns, because we can then set up daily budget caps, day-parting and select geo-targeted regions to assist us with our down the track split testing. Each campaign structure may contain several AdGroups and each AdGroup may contain a few Ads and Multiple Similar keywords, as referenced in the above keyword analysis section.

Landing Pages and Split Testing

Landing Pages And Split Testing

It’s wise to create multiple campaigns, because we can then set up daily budget caps, day-parting and select geo-targeted regions to assist us with our down the track split testing. Each campaign structure may contain several AdGroups and each AdGroup may contain a few Ads and Multiple Similar keywords, as referenced in the above keyword analysis section.

  • 1. Destination Link (URL): The “Destination Link (URL)” is the place on your website where you want the PPC traffic to end up, because there is a marginal cost associated with each PPC visitor we attract. We recommend you choose a landing page URL as your destination link. Whether it’s PPC, or SEO, a high converting landing page is paramount. Drive your visitor to a Call to Action in some form or another that yields a sale.
  • 2. Conversion Tactics and Tools: At Top SEO Pages we specialise in driving traffic to sites and landing pages through our specialist SEO services. We have always made it very transparent to our clients that it is one thing getting the visitor to your door (website), but you need to open the door and let the visitor in (conversions). Clients are given the opportunity to manage their own Landing Pages and just provide us with the URL, or they may wish to leverage off our experience and make use of our conversion tactics and tools to increase their conversions.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics And Reporting

We close the loop and look to rinse and repeat what’s working. What’s working is identified through ongoing retargeting, research and analytics.

  • 1. Reporting in many forms: Upon request we can provide reporting throughout the life cycle of this Google AdWords journey in the form of:
  • Customer Demographics and Analytics
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Numerous Google AdWords Reports
  • 2. Analytics tracking on AdWords performance: With the use of our own tools along with Google’s Analytics tools we will track and upon request provide table and 3D graphical reports on your visitor’s activities e.g:
  • AdWords Summary Reports
  • AdWords Top Ads Reports
  • AdWords Top Ad Groups Reports
  • Top Keyword Reports
  • Reported Data includes: Impressions, Clicks, Cost, Click Through Rates, Conversions, etc.
  • Dependant on your Call to Action, tracked data includes: Form Submissions, Optin Sign Ups, Phone Calls, Website Click Throughs, App Click Throughs / Downloads, Bonus / Product Downloads, etc.

Pricing Details

Google Ads
Once-off set up

$997 (GST excluded)

Initial once off set up fee for the below deliverables:

  • Research and Strategy Deliverables
  • Complete Keyword Analysis Deliverables
  • Create Intelligent Ads Campaign Structure
Google Ads

$397 /month (GST excluded)

Pay Per Click Monthly Market Intel Management Fee

  • Ongoing Research
  • Retargeting
  • Analytics and Reporting
Landing page
Once-off set up

$497/landing page

Landing page design and development

Google Ads Spend

$300 /month

Google Ads Spend. This is all dependant on the budget you wish to allocate and your relevant niche industry. We recommend the average PPC cost keywords budget for arround $300 pm.

1. Services begin upon receipt of payment (noted above)
2. Subsequent payments due every 30 days for on-going monthly services.
3. Top SEO Pages accepts PayPal/ Visa/ Master Card/ & AMEX credit cards
4. All payments received by Top SEO Pages are non-refundable.
5. The client understands that payment made for services will serve as acceptance of the terms and conditions presented in this document and will serve as an agreement between the parties.
6. Quoted prices are exclusive of GST