SEO Image Optimisation With WordPress, Optimizers And Geotaggers

G’Day Everyone,

As normal will be keeping the content part of this post as majority of informative content resides within attached video.

So, the main purpose of this post and video is to not only assist my clients with becoming SEO ninjas with their own sites. But to assist the general public too with correctly onsite SEO optimising images. If you are reading this then you are one of those two people and I have effectively attracted your attention.

In the attached video we will be discussing all of these topics / keywords and diving into the detail for each one:

  • SEO Image Optimisation
  • Image Optimization
  • Image Optimizer
  • Image optimizer online
  • SEO Image Optimization
  • Image Optimisation WordPress
  • Image Optimizer WordPress
  • Image Optimisation SEO
  • Image Geotagger

If you did not catch those free image optimisation resources, for your convenience please find below a list of the linked resources and what primary purpose they serve:

  1. Pixabay is a Free Image Repository –
  2. GT Metrix is a Free Website Performance Reporting tool:
  3. TinyPNG is a Free Image Compression tool to assist with optimising your images to imrpove your websites page load speeds:
  4. RIOT is much like TinyPNG in that it is also a Free Image Compression tool:
  5. GeoTag Online is a Free Image Geotagger software that assists with creating targeted marketing reach using your images: This software was supplied by a friend of mine, Stephen Floyd, within the very successful OMG community. So dont be put off by signing up, as he delivers reliable content . And cutting edge technology changes and updates to his readers.

Another great resource to check out for a step by step process to speed up your wordpress website can be found here:

Ok, so there we have it, follow those steps and you will find yourself with a highly optimised website that will assist you with targeting your local community for your respective niche based products or services.

If you have any further questions about any of the content mentioned in this post and video, feel free to drop me a comment, or reach out to us through our SEO Company Perth Contact Us page.

All the best for 2018, let’s make it a cracker of a year.