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Three Local Internet Marketing SEO Golden Nuggets with SEO Perth Experts

Local Internet Marketing Perth SEO Expert Golden Nuggets

by Sean Drayton

One of Google's highest priorities is to deliver a great user experience for visitors to their search engines. They have developed numerous algorithmic metrics to target local marketing. We therefore want to incorporate as many smart local marketing tactics as we can into our SEO activities, so that we can highly target specific area's and therefore pick up traffic from those areas.

In this blog post we will be discussing some of those smart local Internet Marketing Perth tactics and how to leverage them. Our sister Internet Marketing Perth Company located in the Joondalup shire (Top Ten SEO) have been courteous enough to share these hints and tips with us.

These SEO Perth experts have some great Internet Marketing Perth suggestions for you to grow your online presence.

First up, geotagging. Geotagging is the term we use to basically mark an image with a type of flag that gives it a point of presence on the planet. When we geotag an image we are giving it a specific location by using lines of latitude and longitude. So for example if we were to tag our Internet Marketing Perth Company image, we would tag it with the a longitude value of 115.74446 and latitude value of -31.75979.

Now our image is highly optimised for local marketing and will start to even rank in the Google Images search when it's relevant keywords are searched. If you want to see a really good example of this, just save the image you see on this page and then go and look at the properties of the image and you will find our location embedded within the image.

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Second up, optimising your meta data and URL structure. When someone is searching for a particular product or service they would type in either just the product / service name, or product / service name along with their targeted location, as an example for our business that would be just "SEO", or "SEO Perth". So by placing your keywords in the URL you are now optimising yourself to what the search engines like making it easier for Google to find relevant information for the keywords searched ie:

On the meta data front, you would look to use the keywords in Titles, Descriptions, Alt Text and Anchor Text within both the content and background SEO settings of your website.

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Third up, Schema Markups and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Google does not necessarily read the content of a site like you and I. It reads it kinda like the matrix, so it reads the code of your website. Your content forms part of the code. So you will want to apply schema markups and AMP code updates to your back-end of your website, so that you can help Google to identify your website as a local site for numerous keywords in a particular area.

There we have it, some smart digital marketing Perth expert ways to highly optimise your website so that you can improve your rankings for your particular keywords and your location.

All the best,

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