Why You Need A Fast Website For Google Rankings

A lot of people are asking why you need a fast website for Google rankings. It is not surprising that when a new technique like SEO was discovered, everyone jumped on the band wagon and tried to implement it. However, you cannot blame those who want their sites to be high ranked in Google and have good search engine listings. The truth is, Google wants to provide the best search experience to its customers, which is why it updates its algorithms every now and then.

So, if you are wondering why you need a fast ranking for Google, here are some of the things that influence it’s ranking algorithm. First of all, content is what makes or breaks your site. The more original your content is, the better the ranking will be. Google also looks at the link popularity, keywords and other elements of a site.

Another factor that affects the rankings is backlinks. Google gives a higher weight in rankings to sites that contain valuable content. In particular, articles and blogs are given more attention than plain websites. If you create original content, your site will surely gain some valuable backlinks that will boost its rankings. It is also important to submit articles to as many article directories as you can so that your site will be easily indexed by Google.

The last factor, link popularity, is what determines your site’s ranking. The more incoming links to a site, the better its position in Google’s ranking algorithm. As a result, you need to get as many quality one-way links pointing to your site as possible. The fastest way to do this is to hire an article writing service or a blog writer. You can find dozens of professionals willing to offer their services in this area.

These are the factors that determine your site’s ranking in Google. If you want to reach the top spot in Google, then you need to follow all four of these steps. Creating fast websites is not difficult. If you know how to, you can have a fast website for Google ranking within two weeks.

For a great video overview of this update check out this YouTube video courtesy of Julian Goldie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ONY9MpcXn8

Creating a good website that contains valuable information and resources will boost rankings fast. This way, even if you don’t manage to get high rankings in the first few months, you will have enough time to improve your site’s rankings. Keep in mind that even if you manage to achieve first page rankings in Google within the first few months, you will likely have a slow start because of your competitors.